Let us discuss, why backlinks from the similar niche sites and posts are so important to rank on the top of Google search engine result pages.


Backlink Definition

Backlinks Interpretation Ignited Nepal

 Let’s break the word ‘Backlink’ it’s made up of ‘back’ and ‘link’. In daily life, it means something or someone is exciting or supporting you from behind to achieve better and better.

A backlink is a link that has been referred from other websites.

 In the same way, backlinks also push your sites and content to get a higher ranking on Google SERPs. 

Backlinks are of two types 
1. Internal Backlinks 
2. External backlinks 
Internal backlinks are totally related to your own sites. Your own content refers to other content on the same website. 
External backlinks are big players. It is mainly of two types
  • No follow backlinks
  • Do-follow backlinks
No follows is like someone mentions your site or content on the website but they don’t recommend visiting your site.  Or we can say that they do not guarantee the site is safe for their users and mark it as ‘ No follow ‘. 
Similarly Do follow recommends and guarantee that visiting the site is safe for users. 
Now we can conclude that do follow backlinks is most important to achieve our goals. 

Why backlinks are so important?

Backlinks Analogous Example

Example – I

Backlinks example

Example – II

In the picture, you can replace shoes with your website and Ronaldo with high authority and quality sites. 
Initially, the shoe has no value but when Ronaldo recommends then shoe sales, authority and trust go up. 
To understand better, we have elaborated with another example. Tesla and a normal man. 
Backlinks are quite similar to it. There are two important factors that you must consider. 
  1. Relevancy 
  2. Quality 

Relevant and High Quality Backlinks

Totally Irrelevant Backlink
Totally relevant Backlink
Let’s understand with the same examples. If Ronaldo advertises us (a digital marketing agency) then it’s quite ridiculous. Fashion and clothing are most relevant for an athlete. 
If the plumber site is recommending a hospital website that it’s quite strange and Google found its worst backlink. 
The field must resemble. That’s all about relevancy. Hope you understand. 
Quality Backlinks:-
It totally depends upon the priority of backlinks. And we can differentiate priority by the link placement on a site or inside a blog post.
If a link is placed in the header, then it is considered aa a high priority. If it is placed in between the posts then it is considered to be a medium priority. Similarly, if it is placed in the footer then it is considered to be a low priority. 


Starter Plan

2 Keywords


  • High DA 
  • A Blog post
  • Relevant 
  • High Quality

Light Plan

5 Keywords


  • High DA 
  • 2 Blog posts
  • Relevant 
  • High Quality

Basic Plan

10 Keywords


  • High DA 
  • 5 Blog posts
  • Relevant 
  • High Quality

Pro Plan

20 Keywords


  • High DA 
  • 10 Blog posts
  • Relevant 
  • High Quality